We traveled to Puebla, Mexico, in the spring of 2019, to film and document the community surrounding a school called Yo’on Ixim.

In 2012, Sam Grieff began teaching children to read by the side of the road. These children and their families are migrants from an indigenous community tucked away in the mountains of Chiapas, Mexico. They came to the city of Puebla to work in the streets with their parents in hopes of raising money for their families back in Chiapas. These kids used to spend long days working along side their parents selling gum, washing car windows and even standing on each others shoulders juggling, hoping that someone will crack their window to spare a few pesos. With the help of Yo’on Ixim, a non-profit school created by Sam, these kids have been given the opportunity to receive an education, while their mother has been given the opportunity to join the school’s cooperative. The cooperative gives the moms a way to make money without them and the kids having to work on the street.